Client: Mirasilk™ U.S.A.
Campaign: Vitamin C Serum Branding and Marketing Campaign 
Story: The Mirasilk™ vitamin C serum campaign is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of Mirasilk Vitamin C for the skin, and to promote the use of our high-quality Mirasilk™ Vitamin C Serum cosmetic. The campaign will focus on educating consumers about the anti-aging and brightening properties of Mirasilk™ Vitamin C, and how it can improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. I also highlighted the unique formulation of our serum, including its vivid color, and mood-boosting effect. To reach our target audience, we used a multi-channel approach, including social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and email marketing. I also created educational content, such as blog posts and video tutorials, to provide in-depth information about the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin, as well as how to properly use our serum.
Mirasilk™ Vitamin C Serum Online Microsite
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