Key Objectives:
Branding and Logo: My primary goal was to craft a distinctive brand identity that reflects the vibrant and flavorful nature of Korean cuisine. I created a modern logo that incorporates elements of Korean culture, such as traditional patterns or symbols, to announce the restaurant's unique offerings and ambiance.
Informational Content and High-Quality Images: To showcase the restaurant's menu, ambiance, and cultural influence, I curated informational content paired with full-color high-quality images. These visuals provide visitors with a tantalizing glimpse into the dining experience offered by the Korean restaurant, enticing them to explore further.
Modern and Impactful Design: I focused on creating a website design that resonates with young people who have a passion for food. The design features modern aesthetics, impactful visuals, and user-friendly navigation, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors.
Our portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with the client's vision and target audience. Through strategic branding and website development, we have empowered the Korean restaurant in Istanbul to stand out in a competitive culinary landscape, attract food enthusiasts, and celebrate Korean culture through a delightful dining experience.
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